My Top Ten Reasons to attend the ESUG conference this year

This year’s ESUG conference in Edinburgh is only three weeks away (still enough time to register). So it’s time for me to make a schedule of things I don’t want to miss. This year I will only be there for 4 days, but nevertheless I really look forward to the conference.

Here are my personal Top Ten Reasons for being there:

  1. DALi: A database abstraction layer for multiuser web applications by Johan Brichau
  2. A Guided Tour through SmalltalkX by Claus Gittinger
  3. Pdf in Smalltalk by Christian Haider
  4. Desktop like GUI in Browser by Thomas Holzer
  5. Reef: an Update by Esteban Lorenzano
  6. DBXTalk: Smalltalk Relational Database Suite by Mariano Martinez-Peck and Guillermo Polito (I’ll most likely miss this one – really a pity)
  7. Iliad & Jtalk by Nicolas Petton
  8. Running Smalltalk on top the .Net DLR by Todor Todorov
  9. Edinburgh. Come on, what else must I say? I’ve never been to Scotland before and besides all the myths around kilts, Rob Roy and the Highlander there’s not much I really know about the country other than there’s Nessie, whose existence is somewhat arguable. Niall does a good job of feeding us with important facts about his hometown and country (btw: I’ve almost forgotten how to correctly spell the word “colour”), and please make sure you don’t miss following his link to a Youtube video explaining the very basics you must know about the (somewhat complicated) differences between England, the United Kingdom, Great Britain, Scotland and the rest of the world. I guess this is the absolute minimum knowledge you need in order to leave the plane in Edinburgh 😉
  10. Meeting people face to face. While the other topics in the list are unordered, this is definitely the highest priority reason. The best part of the ESUG conference are the coffee breaks, long nights smalltalking with Smalltalkers and, of course, the social event on wednesday night. Meeting with Smalltalkers from all around the world, exchanging ideas, collecting new inspiration and learning about other people’s projects as well as their problems is a valuable resource for your daily work and maybe even hobby.

I’ve attended the last two ESUG conferences in Brest and Barcelona, both are great places and both were great conferences. I always came back with a pocket full of new ideas and energy. More frameworks to look at or port to my favorite dialect and more people to get or stay in touch with. So I really look forward to the week starting August 22nd.

I hope to see you there!

P.S.: If you wonder what your Top Ten would be, feel free to look at the list of talks on the conference web site.