Podcasting and High-Tech

This morning we recorded a new episode for Smalltalk Inspect (which you’ll have to wait for a few days due to holiday season).

Since I am in a Hotel in Zurich this week I was unsure whether recording a Skype session would work in acceptable quality.

So I wasn’t really too surprised when I found out that I’d get a constant hum on the recording, but only for my voice. I used the very same headset I always use and  the hum was also there when I recorded directly from the Headset. So it was not a Skype or network issue. I was just about to accept the hum when I eventually found out that the reason was the MagSafe power supply which was connected to the MB pro. Once unplugged and running on battery, the quality was perfect.

Hmm. Not what I’d expect from a premium-priced product. Maybe it’s because there are some differences in the frequency between German and Swiss power.

On the other hand, we had decided we’d keep the episode short. So my laptop forced us to 😉

Also, Sebastian’s voice was always interrupted and delayed on my side, to an extend that you couldn’t understand whole sentences. But he could hear me perfectly clear.

Eventually he said “Maybe I should try using Ethernet instead of WiFi”. I am glad he did, because all worked out quite well, and the sound quality of our raw material is excellent.

Oh, the niceties of high-tech…