A glimpse at what’s coming in VA Smalltalk

We’ve all heard or read about Instantiations‘ plans for VA Smalltalk for the upcoming Release (8.5)  and their ideas for the ones after that. So we know there are some interesting new features in the pipeline, from a new settings framework to improved code editing tools and substantial improvements to the younger (at least in the VA ST world) frameworks like GLORP and Seaside.

But not only is the team busy working on good stuff, they are also releasing early previews of their work in progress in order for users to take a look and, even more important, collect feedback. So in the last few weeks, they uploaded incremental updates to both their new logging framework (which they call log4s because it’s a port of log4j) as well as their new VA Code Assist feature that will add code completion to the Smalltalk editors to VASTGoodies.com.

So you are free to download and test these features and provide feedback to the new VA Smalltalk Support group at Google Groups. I like the way Instantiations opens up to their community in order to discuss features and requirements.

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  1. Geert Claes says:

    The relatively new Instantiations Google discussion group is also available at: instantiations.forum.world.st 🙂

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