[Update]MSC 001: Marten’s screencast covering VASTGoodies

[Update]Marten writes on his Blog:

After publishing it at smalltalkinspect.podspot.de I noticed, that I had lots of problems with the content of my video file. Therefore I changed my host site for this episode to …



Marten just released his first screencast titled “MSC001 – VAStGoodies.com” on our Smalltalk Inspect Blog (He’s done some before and published them on his personal blog). I haven’t checked yet, but I assume it’s also be available to you if you’ve subscribed to our Smalltalk Inspect podcast on iTunes.

The screencast covers how to load code from and up to VASTGoodies.com, the central place for VAST-specific open source software. He shows how to load the VASTGoodies tools into an image (they ship with VA Smalltalk) and how to use them to browse VASTGoodies and load code from it. Lastly, if you wish to publish code on VASTGoodies, he also shows how easy it is to do so.

For our international friends out there, there’s also good news: the screencast is spoken in english!


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  1. I had to stop that posting – technical problems with video files. The hoster changed the content of that file and I have to look why …


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