Smalltalk / Web Developer Jobs in Freiburg, Germany

HRworks has been an early provider of Software as a Service in the field of web-based travel expense calculation and other human relations services. And guess what? The software is written in VA Smalltalk. It’s been a web application long before Seaside was developped and it uses the VOSS object database system as a backend.

If you know Smalltalk or are willing to learn it and have a strong background in object technologies, or if you are a junior developer who’d like to work in Smalltalk, I have interesting news for you: HRworks is looking for a senior and a junior Smalltalk developer with knowledge in modern web technologies like Ajax, XML/Json etc.They are in process of updating their whole platform to support these new technologies, so it sounds like an exciting opportunity!

You can find more detailed job descriptions and apply online on their website. Since German skills are a must to apply, the job description is only available in German:

Sie sprechen fließend[e] Deutsch oder haben Grundkenntnisse Deutsch und sprechen Englisch fließend.

If you apply and Thomas asks you where you’ve learned about the job, I wouldn’t mind if you mention my blog 😉