A tutorial on setting up Apache with load balancing for several Smalltalk images

In his latest Post “Load balancing Iliad applications with Apache” Nicolas Petton shows how he set up a server with 4 Pharo Images listening to different ports his configuration for a simple load balancing scheme with sticky sessions as a front end.

While his Smalltalk samples focus on his own Iliad Web framework, a very nice alternative to Seaside, the rest of the article is applicable to all kinds of Web Applications, including Smalltalk based ones implemented on top of AIDA or Seaside.

The Apache configuration of mod_proxy_balancer is much simpler than one might fear when reading the Apache docs, and it is completely independent of what Smalltalk system is running behind it. So it’s applicable for Squeak, Dolphin, ST/X, Gemstone, VisualWorks and VA Smalltalk.

Go read the article to learn more