New Blogger with Smalltalk topics

Tom Koschate has finally decided to join the Blogosphere with his Blog named “Nothing About Elks“. He also has a welcome present for all VA Smalltalk users which he just announced the other day on the VA Smalltalk Support Forum:

I’ve uploaded the code I use to support automated packaging using the Jenkins (formerly Hudson) integrated build server to There’s a lot of overlap in functionality with Melissa, but there are some important differences too, including the ability to package 😄 images.

As you may know, I’ve been working on very similar topics, including coupling our build process with Hudson and I really look forward to having a look into Tom’s goodie and to see how he solved things. I didn’t have look into 😄 packaging for our customers yet, so I hope I find the time soon.

His first blog post explains a bit of why he built the tool and what scenario he found when he started on his current project:

Generally speaking, this results in having to package four to five different Windows images and a half-dozen UNIX images for each plant. Historically, each plant has been treated as a separate system with a separate release schedule. As you can imagine, this has led to some interesting forks in development.

This not only sounds familiar but also as if he’s got a lot of experience to learn from.

So welcome, Tom! I look forward to reading more and learning from your experience!