Esteban’s Mars Project is alive

At last year’s ESUG conference, Esteban Lorenzano showed his progress on Mars, a framwork to implement native Cocoa interfaces in Pharo Smalltalk. His goal was and is to provide a way to build native Cocoa Apps without the need to build parts in Interface Builder and load NIBs etc. And I was very impressed by what he showed.

After ESUG, you couldn’t read or hear much about Mars and Deimos (a sub-project for iOS GUIs based on MARS). In his latest Blog post Esteban explains a bit of why that is: He faced a few technical problems that were hard nuts to crack, but it seems he’s back on Track and Mars is going to get real. And what’s even better: he found people to help on the project.

Cheers and Good luck to the team! We hope to code native Mac Apps in Pharo soon!