ESUG is preparing for Google Summer Of Code 2011

The European Smalltalk Users Group (ESUG) will be applying for Google’s sponsorship of Smalltalk-based open source projects in this year’s Summer Of Code.

Janko is volunteering again to set up the organization and make things happen. They’re looking for mentors and project ideas:

Dear Smalltalkers,

I’d like to inform you that we are preparing an application to this year
Smalltalk Google Summer of Code under ESUG umbrella, as last year.

If accepted, Google will pay few stipendiums to students on our
Smalltalk projects. Please start thinking about ideas what projects
would be nice to have. Also start looking around for students. How to
approach the universitites near by you, do you know who to contact
there, etc. To see last year ideas and accepted/done projects, visit
last year

More on our already open special Smalltalk GSoC 2011 website:

So if you have an idea for an open source project that would help make the Smalltalk world a better place or would like to mentor a student who works on one of the proposed projects, visit the ESUG GSoC page and jump in.

If you are a student who’d like to work on a Smalltalk project and get a little extra pay for that as well as some honey for your CV, do so as well.