Slides of “Deep Into Smalltalk” Workshop are online

This week there is a workshop called “Deep Into Smalltalk” being held in Lille, France. It covers very technical topics related to the VM and code optimization. Over on the Pharo Mailing List, I just learned they’ve put the slides of day 1 online:


Igors slides are now available:



And even better:

Was it filmed ?
Yes!   I don’t know where/when they will upload, but it was recorded 🙂
So if you want to learn all about how the Squeak/Pharo VMs work, how you can extend them and how calling out to the operating sytsem and external processes work, but couldn’t come to Lille, there is at least a second chance…

2 thoughts on “Slides of “Deep Into Smalltalk” Workshop are online

    1. I wish I could have made it there. My project situations doesn’t allow it, but I had a hard time convincing myself of the fact…
      So I really appreciate the fact that they make the slides available and look forward to watching the recordings once I find the time.
      I had the chance to listen to Eliot talk about some VW-related topics back in 2004, and I can only say I’d like to be there…

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