ESUG 2011: Call for Contributions

The yearly ESUG conference has a long standing tradition (this year will be the nineteenth consecutive years) and I am quite confident to say that it is THE primary Smalltalk event world wide.

Stephane just published the Call for Contribution for this year’s ESUG conference which will be held in

Edinburgh, England
August 20-26 2011; Camp Smalltalk August 20-21

[Update: Not that it comes unexpected, but there are murmurs crawling through the internets that prefer to have the above-mentioned location renamed as “Edinburgh, Scotland” or at least “Edinburgh, United Kingdom”. I am a bit helpless on how to work on this quote now, because we here in Germany currently have a very delicate situation when it comes to citations and footnotes etc. So I prefer to just add this little addendum rather than change the citation … it could cost my job either way 😉 ]

Please note that the conference starts Monday, 22nd, and if you want to work on some Smalltalk project together with other open source committers, coming Saturday 20th is the right thing to do.

If you’d like to give a presentation on interesting Smalltalk-related stuff, submit a proposal to ESUG before July 1st.

Like every year, ESUG is looking for students who like to help organize the event (run if a micro fails, some presenter doesn’t have the right cable connector for the beamer, help distributing coffee and cake, call the police if somebody’s purse gets stolen, you get the picture), ESUG would be willing to sponsor your trip and give you the chance to see some presentations.

And if you cannot afford going to Edinburgh but are interested in Smalltalk or would like to speak, ESUG also may help sponsor your trip. They’ll give away 10 free registrations. See the Call for Contributions for details on how to apply.
All of this is made possible by a crowd of very enthusiastic people at ESUG and a local organisation team an well as ESUG’s sponsors, a group which my company (objektfabrik) proudly is part of.

I’ve only attended two conferences so far (Brest 2009 and Barcelona 2010), but these two were well worth the travel. Great people, great ideas, lots of networking and development of new ideas and stuff. Lots of inspiration and old and new friends to meet.

You can have a look at the Call for Contributions on the ESUG Mailing List or visit the ESUG conferences page on the web for more details.