VA Smalltalk and Squeak/Pharo go social with CloudforkSSO

Most web applications today need to be integrated with other web applications, be it due to life-style compatibility with “Like” and “Tweet” buttons, or for integration with web calendars, mailers, geolocation / mapping services and the like.

Jan van de Sandt has just released CloudforkSSO, an open-source library that allows the integration of Seaside-based web applications with services that use the OpenID or OAuth protocol to share information with your application:

With the CloudforkSSO library you can let the users of your Seaside web application login using their Google or Yahoo accounts. This works using the OpenID2 protocol. CloudforkSSO also contains OAuth support. With this protocol you can ask users for permission to access their data on other websites.

This allows for very interesting services of your applications, where your Seaside application can access a user’s webmail account or calendar etc.

The best part follows:

I developed CloudforkSSO in Pharo Smalltalk. … There is also a VA Smalltalk port on which does work on Windows and Linux.