VA Smalltalk and Squeak/Pharo go social with CloudforkSSO

Most web applications today need to be integrated with other web applications, be it due to life-style compatibility with “Like” and “Tweet” buttons, or for integration with web calendars, mailers, geolocation / mapping services and the like.

Jan van de Sandt has just released CloudforkSSO, an open-source library that allows the integration of Seaside-based web applications with services that use the OpenID or OAuth protocol to share information with your application:

With the CloudforkSSO library you can let the users of your Seaside web application login using their Google or Yahoo accounts. This works using the OpenID2 protocol. CloudforkSSO also contains OAuth support. With this protocol you can ask users for permission to access their data on other websites.

This allows for very interesting services of your applications, where your Seaside application can access a user’s webmail account or calendar etc.

The best part follows:

I developed CloudforkSSO in Pharo Smalltalk. … There is also a VA Smalltalk port on which does work on Windows and Linux.

Smalltalk inspect: a Smalltalk-Podcast from Germany (partly) in German

Marten, Sebastian and I just released episode 1 of our brand new Smalltalk-podcast named Smalltalk inspect. You can download it here, and we hope to soon be listed on iTunes.

Our idea behind the podcast is to collect information on what is going on in Europe and especially in and around Germany in the world of Smalltalk programming, be it in academia, industry or open source. So we want to try and help heat up the Smalltalk scene in our area, not that we think it really is too cold, but it can always use more interest and help. So you can help make it a success by listening, commenting and recommending 😉

We will try a mix between German and English spoken episodes (if our French was a little better, we’d consider french as well… sorry!). When we discuss Smalltalk-related news or particular projects with German speaking people, we’ll speak German, but since there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in non-German speaking countries, there’ll also be English spoken episodes. We’re still trying to figure out how we could make it easy for you to see what language an episode is in..

Episode 1 is more of an introduction of ourselves and to what we plan to do. We plan to interview people who do interesting projects in Smalltalk and cover interesting Smalltalk-related events.

We’d like to get as much feedback as possible, look for ideas on what to talk about or who to talk to, and, of course also ideas on what we need to change for making Smalltalk Inspect a success. If you have any feedback, here’s how you can reach us. Feel free to add comments to our podcast-related blog or to Marten’s or my blog here.

One of our regular topics will be upcoming and past Smalltalk-related events, so that our listeners know what is and has been going on in the Smalltalk world.

If you plan a Smalltalk-related event or would like to report how it was and what happened, please send us a note or let us interview you.