A small but very helpful change in VAST 8.03: ScaledDecimal>>#printOn:

Looking into the Migration Guide of VA Smalltalk 8.0.3, I found one minor but very welcome change to the ScaledDecimal class:

ScaledDecimal>>#printOn: produced output that included the scale value (i.e., 23.1s3 printOn: aStream produced ’23.1s3’)

ScaledDecimal>>#printOn: was changed so that it no longer produces the scale value in its output (i.e., 23.1s3 printOn: aStream and 23.1s3 printString now both produce ’23.1’.

The old behaviour was very annoying, because you couldn’t use printString to just display a ScaledDecimal to your application’s users.

In the light of the fact that ScaledDecimal should always be the class to manage monetary amounts and percentages, this tiny change makes a big difference. No need to use #printOn:showDigits:pad: any more…