Updated Open source libraries for VA ST 8.0.3

VA Smalltalk 8.0.3 is not quite 24 hours old, and Marten is already busy updating all his open source stuff an VASTGoodies.com:

* MSKPlatformExtension to consider the 8.03 when loading
* MSKSQLite to consider new MSKPlatformExtension
* MSKSQLiteWithTests to consider the changes above and tests for SQLite 3.7.5

* MSKSnarlInterface – Interface to Snarl pop-up service under Windows
* Raphael (port from Sebastian Heidbrink) and MSKRaphaelExtension – JS library for Seaside
* MSKProcessViewer – Simple Smalltalk process viewer
* MSKLibHaruInterface – Interface to pdf generating library
* MSKJSONWrapper – JSON library
* MSKFFLLLInterface – interface to fuzzy library
* MSKCouchDB – Interface to CouchDB database. Updates needed due to changed JSON library
* MSKTreBinding – interface to regular expression library

I am glad for his family that Instantiations didn’t release VA Smalltalk 8.0.3 before christmas… 😉