VA Smalltalk 8.0.3 released

Instantiations has just released Version 8.0.3 of VA Smalltalk. My favorites from the list of improvements:

  • Support for Seaside 3.0.2
    This is finally the first release of VA Smalltalk which ships with an official version of Seaside. 3.0.2 currently is the latest stable release of Seaside, so VA Smalltalkers are now on par with other dialects in Web Application Technology
  • NLS Catalog (.CAT) Editor
  • Browser performance improvements
  • Improved error diagnostics for memory allocation errors (written to log file)
  • 40+ bug fixes
  • Support for additional Linux platforms: Ubuntu 10.10 and Fedora Core 14

Over on Instantiations web site you can read more about the release and download the latest version.

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