Smalltalk get together in Zurich

Philippe Marshal announced a Smalltalk related get-together in Zurich for next week:

Smalltalk Beer-trinking event:

– Wednesday, 09.02.2011, 18h
– Steinfels Zürich ,

The location is very nice and even if Philippe mentions one of the bad aspects of it:

No, there won’t be any Rösti.

I can assure you that there’s fine steaks and burgers there. And, as a Micro-Brewery, they also serve some good beer.
The sad thing for me is that one of our customers’ office is just a 3 minute walk away from the place, but I won’t be there next week 😦

If you plan on talking small about Smalltalk, enjoy some good food and maybe a glass of beer, don’t hesitate. There is a lot of Smalltalk in and around Zurich, and there are many nice people in the area. The Steinfels is just between Escher-Wyss-Platz and train station Hardbruecke, so you should be able to reach it easily by train or Tram and get home safely, even if long hours of Smalltalking exhausts you 😉