Smalltalk Solutions 2011: Agenda is online

Last night (at least european time) the agenda for Smalltalk Solutions was put online. There are a lot of interesting talks there, and especially for VA Smalltalk fans, there is something quite new here: at least 4 talks related to this platform will be given:

  • Diane Engles (Instantiations) > Invoking a Smalltalk Hosted Web Service from an ASP.NET Web Application
  • John O’Keefe (Instantiations) > VA Smalltalk Update
  • Solveig Viste (Instantiations) > Using the VA Smalltalk Web Service Deployment Tool
  • Donald MacQueen [(Instantiations)]> JWARS – Lessons Learned

So if you come to Vegas to attend Smalltalk Solutions, there is a chance to meet several members of the VAST development team. I am sure this is a great opportunity to discuss your problems, needs and ideas with the team.

The rest of the talks is also highly interesting. And the weather in Vegas is said to be not too bad in March ;-), so there are enough reasons to go.