Smalltalk Solutions: Early Bird Registration ends monday

In case you’ve missed it so far (freqent readers of this blog haven’t, of course…):

There’s ging to be a revamped Smalltalk Solutions Conference this year, held in Vegas in March. Keynote speakers are Avy Bryant (who once started Seaside with Julian) and John McIntosh (who ported Squeak onto iOS devices).

Even though there is no complete Agenda available on the web (or at least I haven’t found one), I’ve heard and read of a few interesting talks, so if you happen to be close to Vegas in early March, why not drop in?

There is an early bird registration offer, and due to some server problems STIC decided to extend the deadline for early bird registrations until Monday, January 17th, 11:59 pm. The stic website is not updated yet to reflect the extension, but that’s sure just a matter of minutes.