Marten’s VA Smalltalk wish list

Marten Feldtmann posted his personal wishlist for VA Smalltalk for 2011. There’s not much to add here, and I spotted a few wishes that I’d regard as high priority as well. So maybe if I help wishing, the list gets shorter around this time next year:

I would like to get/have

* that with 8.03 we get a pretty stable and up to date Seaside implementation with easy packaging management
* to get an up to date version of Glorp
* to get updated database drivers offering newest features of supported database products
* to get support for at least one open database (eh – what about Postgresql ?).
* to get support for LTS versions of Ubuntu. Actually nothing had to be done – at least I have no see major problems – to make VA runnable under 10.10. But the problems with the latest LTS version (10.04.1) are not going to be solved any more.
* I would like to see a good Linux client, which is a pleasure to work with and does not look like a product somewhere located between Englebart and Smalltalk’72.
* a solution to these problems with source code management among different clients with different code pages
* to have more UTF-8 support
* a new management/developer process making it possible to get earlier access to new versions of Glorp and Seaside – and no need for waiting for next releases in these cases
* even for the most important platform (Windows) we have a complicating installation process
* the – even from the community wished – long awaited open bug databases (Frankfurt !)
* enhanced GUI support for Windows and Linux
* support for Macintosh
* support for better IPCs: either with .NET code, Java code or C
* support for better and asynchronous call-in into Smalltalk independent from the GUI thread
* support for multi-processors and/or multi-threading
* support for interfaces within the Smalltalk language or system.
* much brighter activities at conferences and a better support (activity) via Instantiations forum
* a way for project control with external resources (bitmaps), automatically build management
* easier way of building runtime images (headless and headfull)
* some kind if Intellisense when typing code
* a much better kind of GUI, which make source code browsing within the system even more productive
* enhancements in the GUI builder part: do not store things in the repository, but as source code … make it even more powerful

Some of Marten’s wishes are on the agenda for 8.0.3 or the release after that (8.5?). So chances are Marten and I will be happy boys next year 😉
I think Instantiations has come a long way in terms of public appearance. And I am optimistic and full of hope at the same time that the hiring of a new staff member for the development team will help make (at least some) dreams come true…


One thought on “Marten’s VA Smalltalk wish list

  1. Nothing to add indeed! Except one little thing maybe for a VASt 9.0 😉
    When I started Smalltalking, everybody said: “Smalltalk is great because of its portability…”. Well there are so many new platforms and technologies out there…

    How about a VAST on a mobile device or any embedded system. Seaside offers so many posibillities. Web-Frontend for embedded server systems (e.g. routers, hubs,…) or controllers.

    Cloud-Computing including special hardware solutions that might also be great…


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