Dolphin Smalltalk: 6.2 will be a free upgrade

Dolphin Smalltalk is clearly the most beautiful Smalltalk environment for Windows Applications. It is nicely designed and has great integration with all those Windows technologies like COM/ActiveX etc. Its look and feel and tools are simply beautiful.

And it has gone through some changes. A while ago, object arts announced they’d stop developing Dolphin, since their pricing scheme hadn’t work out right. Fortunately, this seems to be history: They’ve launched a new, nicely designed web site and even lowered the price of their Pro Edition (which allows for packaging and ships with many helpful tools) to $225.

Since I wanted to give it a try for a small side-project, I thought about buying it. Unfortunately, the web site did not mention what the upgrade policy for Dolphon 6.2 is, which is announced for “real soon now”. So I contacted Andy and asked. He promptly answered and changed their web site to include the following:

Buy Now – get 6.2 when it becomes available

There’s no need to wait. If you purchase Dolphin Pro X6 now you will receive a serial number that is good for all 6.x versions. This means you’ll be able to upgrade to 6.2 free of charge when it becomes available.

Okay, so if you, like me, were thinking about waiting for 6.2: Maybe it’s time to get yourself a nice toy for the christmas holidays.


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