We knew it all the time: Web Services won’t heal the world!

I never really liked the big Web Services. All the XML-burdened complexity combined with lots of tools from the big vendors that had extremely long names and the purpose of which could never be understood unless you already were lost somewhere in the mud of XML-tides.

When I read today that the WS-I initiative officially stopped existing on heise online(German), I was really surprised, because it would mean there still is some sanity in the IT industry somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

I especially like this part of a blog post by Simon Phipps that was linked to in the above-mentioned article:

Whatever other origins it had, the whole movement was, as far as my own experience recalls, transmitted around the industry by a senior analyst from a large analyst firm visiting all the key players and asking them about their “web services strategy”.ย  As a consequence they all assumed Web Services were a key strategy for their competitors and put huge effort into devising a strategy of their own

This guy seems to really understand how technology trends are born in our industry ๐Ÿ˜‰

Maybe this also explains why some companies were in a lemming-like “We need to rewrite everything in Java/.Net/Whatever” mode that also cost loads of money and only rarely really led to better systems.