Plat_Forms 2011: a challenge and showcase for Smalltalk

Competitions like Plat_Forms are surely a great opportunity to showcase a web framework. It will be held for the second time in January and is run by the Freie Universität Berlin, the Open Source Business Foundation and the well known German magazine iX.

“Plat_Forms” is a contest and competition in which top-class teams of three programmers compete to implement the same requirements for a web-based system within two days, using different technology platforms (e.g. Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Smalltalk, or what-have-you).

The 2011 instance of Plat_Forms will take place January 18th to 19th, 2011, in Nürnberg (Germany).

The fact that they mention Smalltalk should be a motivator for the Smalltalk community 😉

Teams wishing to participate in the 2011 instance of Plat_Forms may now apply for admission to the contest. This requires sending a short description of your team and the technology you intend to use. We will try to select the most capable teams from among the applications and will accept up to four (and at least three) teams for each platform. Details and the application form can be found at the Plat_Forms 2011 announcement page. Make sure to apply before 2010-11-30!

What’s probably also interesting for Smalltalk vendors is the following offer:

Become a sponsor of Plat_Forms 2011.
(Make sure you also subscribe to the mailing list!)

I guess ranking good in such a setting would help Smalltalk a lot. With Seaside, Iliad and AIDA, there are great candidates for proving the strengths of Smalltalk. We could show that the productivity gains in Smalltalk are not only relevant in old projects from the nineties, but also in today’s web-centric world


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