Draft Chapter on jQuery in Seaside

One of the cool things in Seaside is its support for JavaScript and AJAX, which gives you the ability to code very interactive web applications in Smalltalk by rendering JavaScript Code onto the web pages. Seaside comes with a very good integration layer for jQuery. Sometimes, however, getting your head around how to render a certain script can be hard. I find myself trying many times when I want to update multiple elements in an AJAX callback.

Lukas just announced the availability of a new draft chapter on jQuery for the Seaside Book. It gives a good overview as well as a catalog of available functions together with a few how-to tips. A good read and reference.

Since the book is an interactive book, everybody is invited to comment or suggest corrections and extensions to the book:

Please have a look and help us to improve it by leaving comments. We
welcome any kind of feedback or text contribution. We are also happy
to give out passwords if somebody wants to collaborate on the text (we
already did so in the past but without success).

By the way, did you know that the book is basically a Seaside/Pier application?