The former Instantiations Java tools are back – for free!

Google has finally announced what they will do with WindowBuilder, WindowTester and CodePro:

We’re happy to announce today that we’re relaunching the following former Instantiations products under the Google name and making them available to all developers at no charge

So this means that these great tools are now free for commercial and non-commercial use. I can hear a few people take a deep breath and frolick 😉

On the other hand, we’ll have to see what some of the announcement may actually mean mid-term:

…we hope you’ll start using them within your GWT projects…

because a fair amount of tools that were relaunched have nothing to do with the GWT at all. But at least they available and will help a lot of Java developers make their GUI design  and testing a lot easier.

I guess we’ll know in a few months if I am just too picky about the way GWT is mentioned in the announcement…


One thought on “The former Instantiations Java tools are back – for free!

  1. Well, that is suprising and a wonderful present for the Java community and actually after that announcement I at once started the download and wanted to try out these well known products.

    Perhaps some days in the future an updated WindowBuilder is also included in the base product of VASmalltalk ….

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