GLORP on VAST 8.03

VA Smalltalk ships with GLORP (a relational database mapping framework with lots of ideas and concepts from TOPLInk)  since the latest VAST version 8.02. Since the port of GLORP shipped with VAST is based on an older version of GLORP and also is not really well integrated with VAST, its use in production code is not really recommended. Instantiations’ recommendation here is to use GLORP as it is right now more to learn GLORP and start porting efforts.

Things will hopefully be much better with VAST 8.03 or the release after that. And John will be working on this with one of the (if not THE) GLORP porting experts:

Niall Ross and I will be doing some work on GLORP at Camp Smalltalk this weekend in Barcelona — the platform-specific code (such as the code you referenced) is high on the list of things to address.