John O’Keefe to be interviewed on this week’s Industry Misinterpretations

John O’Keefe, Principal Smalltalk Architect at Instantiations will be interviewed on James Robertson’s Industry Misinterpretations podcast this week:

we have John O’Keefe – long time Smalltalker and the principal Smalltalk architect at Instantiations – coming on “Industry Misinterpretations” this Tuesday at 1 PM EDT

If you can’t wait for next sunday (when James will put the podcast online), you can listen to the interview live on on tuesday. According to my claculations, the interview will be live at 19:00 German time.

John will be talking about the consequences of Google’s acquisition of Instantiations’ Java/AJAX business for VA Smalltalk and provide details on Instantiations’ roadmap for Smalltalk.