London Smalltalk Meeting: August 23rd

While we’re at it: London has had a Smalltalk Meeting for along time now. Its next meeting will be next Monday:

Bruce Badger will give us a talk about PostgreSQL and how to use it from any Smalltalk dialect.

I’d like to be there, but can’t. If you can, read the full post for details.

Next Cologne Smalltalk Meetup: September 30th

André [whose name is actually Alexander, sorry!] Lazarevic just announced the date of the next Cologne Smalltalk Meetup:

Please join us on the 30th of September for our fourth Cologne Smalltalk
User Meetup.

As always: Anyone interested in Smalltalk is invited, regardless if you only recently discovered the magic of doing things the Smalltalk way, are a
die hard VM-Hacker, want to share your experience on web-development
in Seaside or like to chit-chat while enjoying a Kölsch.