Is Oracle sunsetting Java?

Not likely, at least not by intention.

But the latest lawsuit against Google can mean much more than just one giant pressing lots of money out of another. It’s probably more than  Oracle wanting Google to pay them some hundreds of millions because Google is not licensing their Java ME. Here’s what Mark Driver from Gartner writes about it:

If Oracle wins,  it will send a strong message to the industry that Java isn’t as open as was assumed.  There is already an under-current of bleeding edge developers that consider Java to be ‘legacy’ 20th century technology.  If it looks like Oracle is aggresively ascerting its control over Java then these discussion get really interesting.  You think the JCP is dead today?  You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Mark’s Blog entry is very interesting and links to some very interesting material on the matter. This whole thing sounded very boring to me until I read Mark’s post. So I encourage you to read his full article and follow the links as well.

I wasn’t really aware of the fact that Java is making Oracle real big money in the mobile arena, and this whole “open source but patented” thing sounds weird and complicated – it may even explain why Apple tries to completely do their own thing and build up their own kingdom.