More on Instantiations’ deal with Google

I just found this very interesting article on eWeek: Google`s Instantiations Buy is a Win for Java, Smalltalk

It’s one of the first sources (I found) that not only talks about GWT and Java and summarizes what Mike Taylor and Eric Clayberg said on yesterday’s conference call:

Clayberg added: “We’re very excited by the way things have happened and also happy that Instantiations will continue to go forward and grow the Smalltalk business, and continue to be funded.”

Indeed, “Our plan is to leverage some of the money we’ve all made in the Google transaction” to keep the Smalltalk business rolling, Taylor said. However, “our Smalltalk business is showing significant revenue growth year over year since we got it,” he added. The business has been profitable and self-sustaining, he said. And to quell any concerns about the future of the business, Taylor ensured customers that he and his leadership are not just geeks (despite Taylor personally having been coding Smalltalk since 1984). “We see this as a viable business, and we plan to make it work.” he said, adding, “We both have MBAs, and Eric’s is from Harvard. We’re confident we can not just keep this alive but grow it.”

Taylor said he expects to gain some converts from IBM’s and Cincom’s Smalltalk platforms.

You can read the full article here