Seafox HTML: from web page to Seaside render method

Nick Ager just released a first version of a Firefox plugin called Seafox. It’s purpose is to translate a loaded web page into a #renderContentOn: method that would produce exactly this output in Seaside. Cool thing.

While Nick says in his announcement:

The background to the project is that often when I try advocating Seaside to my non-Seaside developer friends, they protest that Seaside won’t fit into their workflow. Their excuse is that they receive html from their designers then use that as their template. I know that templates vs Seaside render methods + CSS is a well trodden path (and don’t want to reopen that discussion), instead I thought if I could make something that would give non-Seaside developers a start by taking a page design and translating into Seaside render methods that might alleviate one perceived obstacle.

I guess there also is another important use for it: Analyse a page that looks like what you want to achieve and see how it’s done. The typical workflow would be to use Firebug to analyse the html code and try to rebuild it from scratch in a #renderContentOn: method.

As you surely know, building web pages and applications is and has always been a mix of of copy & paste together with (lots of) trial & error. This won’t be changed with Seafox, but now there’s a shortcut: suck in & reuse 😉

Go and read the full announcement on how to get the plugin and seaside app and how to use them. Currently it is only available for Squeak and possibly pharo, but since it looks very promising, chances are it will be ported over to other dialects pretty soon…


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