I’m not alone: Charles Jade doesn’t like the Magic TrackPad

There’s been a lot of buzz around Apple’s new Magic Trackpad. And it’s okay if people like it and buy it like sliced bread. I just can’t understand what it’s good for in its current form.

Being a MB Pro user who always has his MightyMouse at hand, I don’t buy into this “This is finally where we all want to be” stuff. Just like Charles Jade from The Apple Blog:

If the comparison seems unfair, it is because the mouse is the device the Magic Trackpad is meant to replace. On a MacBook, the multitouch trackpad is a portability compromise–the best portable input device ever made–but still a compromise. Unfortunately, the Magic Trackpad doesn’t even compare well against a MacBook trackpad.
[…]  It’s not the size of the trackpad, but how you use it that matters. The MacBook trackpad is well-integrated in front of the keyboard and as part of the palm rest, allowing for thumb or finger movement […]

Charles also complains about the TrackPad’s quality which I must admit to not have tested, so I cannot comment this one:

From Photoshop to StarCraft to Pages, the lack of precision compared to a $5-off mouse a close-out table at Best Buy was constantly irritating. Even when precision was not an issue, like scrolling in a web browser, the Magic Trackpad–any trackpad–will simply not be as smooth as a mouse.

…other than I agree as far as I can tell from my experiences with the Trackpad on my MB Pro. I like it much better than the one on my wife’s laptop, but it’s still not as good as using a mouse. Maybe that’s only true for old men like me.

The only use case that would make sense to Charles and me is a wireless keyboard with the Trackpad integrated.

You can read his full review here.