The Magic Trackpad: What the….

…heck is it that shakes the whole apple-osphere whenever the mothership throws out a new gadget? I mean, they introduced an energy saving battery charger and a wireless trackpad that you can put next to your keyboard.

Wait a minute: the track pad costs 69$? And what exactly was the reason Apple didn’t pack it into a new wireless keyboard? That would have been an interesting product for couch potatoes.

I like my Macs and I like MacOS X, but I still don’t really understand all that buzz around these two products…

Pharo 1.1 released

The Pharo team is not really particularly lazy. Only two months after the first official release 1.0 they just released 1.1 yesterday.

Besides a long list of bug fixes, most of the changes can be categorized as cleanup and house-keeping. These are tasks that are somewhat overdue in typical open-source projects but nobody wants to do them because they are less heroic than building shiny new features. But they do make the system more stable, faster and more comprehensible.

You can download Pharo 1.1 from the project website and have a look at the new features.

This year we’ve seen new releases of Squeak (4.0 and 4.1) and Pharo (1.0 and 1.1), which strongly underline that the Smalltalk open source community is alive and kicking like never before. The upcoming release of Seaside 3.0 (which currently is a release candidate) adds to this.
I’d say rumors of Smalltalk’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

You can see for yourself at this year’s ESUG conference in Barcelona, for which you can register at an early bird rate (450 € instead of 650 €) until July 31st.