ESUG 2010: The Schedule is now online

Over at the ESUG conference site, you can now not only see a list of accepted talks, but also the complete schedule. So if you plan to go to Barcelona this year, and need to know some details, you can now have a detailed look.

What’s missing on the schedule is the typical social event on wednesday evening, it is just marked as a socially important slot. It has always been some kind of excursion to the sights of the city and a nice lunch. So if you can only come a few days, plan for wednesday evening 😉

Looking at the schedule, there is something interesting there: a “Secret Talk” on wednesday. It’s going to be part of the social event, together with the Award ceremony.
Maybe Steve Jobs will finally announce Mac OS 11 based on Smalltalk?
Or SAP hired the complete Pharo team and they already started working on their next big release?
Or Google has chosen Seaside as its new global platform.
You never know… 😉

So if you want to find out as soon as possible, you’ll have to register for the ESUG conference.