The Magic Trackpad: What the….

…heck is it that shakes the whole apple-osphere whenever the mothership throws out a new gadget? I mean, they introduced an energy saving battery charger and a wireless trackpad that you can put next to your keyboard.

Wait a minute: the track pad costs 69$? And what exactly was the reason Apple didn’t pack it into a new wireless keyboard? That would have been an interesting product for couch potatoes.

I like my Macs and I like MacOS X, but I still don’t really understand all that buzz around these two products…

Pharo 1.1 released

The Pharo team is not really particularly lazy. Only two months after the first official release 1.0 they just released 1.1 yesterday.

Besides a long list of bug fixes, most of the changes can be categorized as cleanup and house-keeping. These are tasks that are somewhat overdue in typical open-source projects but nobody wants to do them because they are less heroic than building shiny new features. But they do make the system more stable, faster and more comprehensible.

You can download Pharo 1.1 from the project website and have a look at the new features.

This year we’ve seen new releases of Squeak (4.0 and 4.1) and Pharo (1.0 and 1.1), which strongly underline that the Smalltalk open source community is alive and kicking like never before. The upcoming release of Seaside 3.0 (which currently is a release candidate) adds to this.
I’d say rumors of Smalltalk’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

You can see for yourself at this year’s ESUG conference in Barcelona, for which you can register at an early bird rate (450 โ‚ฌ instead of 650 โ‚ฌ) until July 31st.

ESUG 2010: The Schedule is now online

Over at the ESUG conference site, you can now not only see a list of accepted talks, but also the complete schedule. So if you plan to go to Barcelona this year, and need to know some details, you can now have a detailed look.

What’s missing on the schedule is the typical social event on wednesday evening, it is just marked as a socially important slot. It has always been some kind of excursion to the sights of the city and a nice lunch. So if you can only come a few days, plan for wednesday evening ๐Ÿ˜‰

Looking at the schedule, there is something interesting there: a “Secret Talk” on wednesday. It’s going to be part of the social event, together with the Award ceremony.
Maybe Steve Jobs will finally announce Mac OS 11 based on Smalltalk?
Or SAP hired the complete Pharo team and they already started working on their next big release?
Or Google has chosen Seaside as its new global platform.
You never know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So if you want to find out as soon as possible, you’ll have to register for the ESUG conference.

Comment Spam and Humanity

The ratio between reader comments and spam comments on my blog is something around 1:500 or so. Fortunately, the comment spam filter on wordpress is very good.

I really found this one very nice:

HELP! Iโ€™m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia [deleted link] and being forced to post spam comments on blogs and forum! If you donโ€™t approve this they will kill me. [deleted link]
Theyโ€™re coming back now.ย  [deleted link]
Please send help!

This guy really has a sense of humor ๐Ÿ˜‰

Unfortunately, he (or she) forgot to add an address to the comment, because I’d like to send the police ๐Ÿ˜‰
So today I not only killed a spam comment, but also a victim of the russian mafia ๐Ÿ˜‰

ESUG 2010: I’ll be there!

I’ve just booked my flight, hotel room and conference attendance.

So I look forward to meeting old and new Smalltalk friends, learn new stuff and get some inspiration for my job. It was great in Brest last year and I am sure Barcelona will be at least as interesting.

There is already a list of talks and you can get all relevant information at the ESUG conference web site.

The yearly ESUG conference is a perfect place to be and learn what’s new in Smalltalk, both open source and commercial. All vendors will be present and talk about their latest products.

VFE2010: all presentations now available as videos

All presentations given at this year’s VA Smalltalk Forum Europe are now available for download as pdf-documents and as mp4-videos (great quality, but also big file sizes).

You can download all the slides and videos on our download page.
I’ve also uploaded my presentation to Slideshare.
And there is of course Adriaan’s VFE2010 photo gallery.

So if you missed the event, you can now get all the info you’ve missed, but you still cannot experience how great it is to meet other Smalltalkers face to face.

A special Thank You goes to Marten Feldtman, who put the videos together and to Adriaan van Os for his photos.