VFE 2010: Attendee fedback

At last week’s VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010, we asked ourattendees for feedback. Based on the forms that were returned, it seems we did quite well:

  • 77% of the attendees saw their expectations met, while 23% partially got what they were looking for
  • 64% found the organizations of the event very good, 33% thought it was good
  • 94% said they’d recommend the VA Smalltalk Forum Europe to their colleagues and Smalltalker friends

Since we’ve had an extremely packed and interesting agenda this year, the top most point of critique was that there was too little time for networking in the coffee breaks and at lunch time. We’ve gotten the message and will reduce our agenda for next year by at least one session / hour and plan for longer breaks. The fact that two sessions were held remotely also was a point that was criticized, because the feedback loop is too long to ask detailed questions. And, it would have been nice to discuss more details at a coffee table.

We also asked for individual feedback on all our sessions, and all I can say is that it seems we pretty much hit the nerve of our attendees topic-wise as well as with respect to the quality of the talks. The top score went to Lukas’ Seaside talk, which is no surprise to me at all.

By the way, you can download all presentations [link was updated] from various places. And, even better, Marten has recorded all sessions and is currently working on editing them. A few have already been put online.

People liked the food and the location, which was very practically situated directly at the main train station in Stuttgart. So coming to and leaving from the event was easy. I guess the location was chosen not too badly, since we had attendees from Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Belgium and the UK.

I guess our feedback shows that you really missed something if you were hesitant to come this year.¬† But I’m quite sure there’ll be another chance. There are no specific plans for a next event yet, but I guess we’re going to organize another VA Smalltalk Forum Europe next year.


One thought on “VFE 2010: Attendee fedback

  1. I’m glad you meet there guys.
    Here are some thoughts:
    – never use downloadable video, use youtube, or vimeo or anyone you like that doesn’t make the user to wait forever until she or he can figure out if your show deserves its time. This is far more important than the quality of the video or if it looks raw. Perfectionism is your number one enemy.
    – once published in that online format make a brief review of each one. One paragraph or two per each one is okay.
    – use a blog post compiling all of that
    – tweet that
    – post it in facebook
    – tell your colleagues that are newcomers to social media that you have twated it and facebooked it to ask them kindly to like it or retweet it

    The rest of my thoughts (that may or may not apply, you decide) are here: http://sebastianconcept.com/brandIt/2010/06/27/connectioncentric-events-or-stuff

    best o/

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