John O’Keefe to present VA Smalltalk in Cologne

As you may know, there are a some Smalltalkers in Cologne who formed a Smalltalk Meetup in Cologne just a few months ago, but they manage to come up with very interesting talks and presentations. The next meetup will be held on thursday, June 10th in Cologne and it will sport a round of presentations on different Smalltalk dialects.

One of the presenters will be John O’Keefe from Instantiations, lead architect on VA Smalltalk. He’ll be presenting VA Smalltalk and is open for any questions and comments.

There will also be a presentation of Squeak and as far as I’ve heard, someone is also going to show Pharo. So this will be a unique chance to get a dense overview of different Smalltalk dialects and to get in touch with users and developers of those.

So if you are interested in Smalltalk in genreal, or VA Smalltalk and are in the Cologne area, I highly recommend the meetup.  You can visit the meetup webiste and blog here.