Seaside 3.0: Still on it’s way…

While I may have been too enthusiastic about the advent of a Seaside 3.0 version (beta or RC) pretty soon, the Seaside crowd feels the pain of still not shipping:

We need to shorten our cycles and reduce the friction to releasing. We don’t have the manpower to ensure a prefectly bug-free release anyway so all these release levels are a bit pointless. It felt necessary given the degree of change between 2.8 and 3.0 but given that people are using the current alpha in production already, there’s not reason to add 6 months and several more releases into that process.

I agree. The Smalltalk world is seeing part of its resurrection due to the existence and attractiveness of Seaside, and Version 3 Alpha 5 is in productive use for months already, so why not stick a version name on it and ship?

Everybody knows that Software has bugs, and there are products around that are stamped with a version number while being much less stable.

An official Version of 3.0 would signal two things:

  • The team considers it stable enough
  • Sceptics only need to wait for 3.(0.)1 before they can ship their product which the can start developing now on 3.0