VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010: Diane Engles on Web Services in VA Smalltalk

Web Services have become one of the main technologies for integrating several systems, young and old, independently of implementation language or system platform. While there is a high danger of making things very, very, very complex, their nature of being built up from more or less simple building blocks like XML and HTTP makes Web Services a very attractive choice for many Smalltalk projects.

One of our presentations at the VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010 in Stuttgart will be given by Diane Engles, long-time Smalltalker and member of the VA Smalltalk development team at Instantiations. She’ll show how to use VA Smalltalk as a service provider in a Web Services environment. Here’s the abstract of her talk:

This presentation demonstrates how to create and deploy a simple web service in VA Smalltalk, and how to invoke it from a Visual Studio Express Visual Basic web site running under IIS. After a short slide presentation, a live demo will follow that will take the user step by step through creating and deploying the web service, creating and deploying necessary proxy files into the ASP.NET environment, and invoking the web service from a simple Visual Basic ASP.NET web page.

Please register in advance for this free event at our event registration page to learn more about Web Services in VAST. Stuttgart is good to reach by plane, car and trains, and our event hotel is located directly at the main station. So there’s no excuse for not coming 😉