VA Smalltalk 8.0.2: not such a minor update

It’s been announced for May 26th, and it’s here now: VA Smalltalk Version 8.0.2.

The version number may suggest it’s a small update with a handful of bug fixes – well, wrong!

One of the most missed features to suppport Smalltalk newcomers interested in VA ST or for projects working with an old, unsupported persistency framework like POLAR, Micado, TOPlink or ObjectExtender, there is now a vendor-supported version of GLORP, an open-source persistence framework (or O-R-Mapping-Framework) shipped with VAST. You can now work with relational databases on a current, well-maintained database framework in VA Smalltalk. GLORP is mainly written by one of the TOPlink architects, and therefor should be a great option for TOPLink users to “upgrade” to a supported version.

But there’s more: if you need to stick a Windows Certfied Logo on your product CD, you can now do so: VAST executables are signed and Windows 7 is a fully supported platform (unfortunately, this is not entirely true when it comes to the selection of GUI widgets). So you can go and get a Windows Certification for your product.

The list of new features continues:

  • SUnit 4.0, including support for Just-in-Time Resource Management, and other enhancements, supports creating powerful Smalltalk unit tests
  • Instance-based exceptions are now polymorphic with class-based exceptions, providing clearer and more efficient handling of errors
  • Support for Seaside 3.0 pre-beta1 (We’re still waiting for Seaside 3.0 to go at least beta or better final)
  • Further improvements to HTML documentation
  • Currency with respect to operating systems and databases; support added for
    Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Ubuntu 9 (32/64-bit) and Oracle 11g (compatibility)
  • Power management events supported on Windows GUI applications

For a full list of bug fixes and feature changes, you can look into the readme-file.

As usual, the new version is free to download for existing customers with a current support contract (password required for download), and a free, timely unlimited, full-featured evaluation license can be downloaded by anybody (registration required) interested to play with VA Smalltalk.

If you want to learn more and meet other VA Smalltalk users, you can still register for our free VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010 at Stuttgart, Germany on June 8th, where John O’Keefe will give a talk on what’s new and what’s scheduled for upcoming releases of VA Smalltalk. We look forward to meeting you there.

As a consulting and sales partner of Instantiations, we are also happy to answer your questions and help on your projects. We also offer training on Smalltalk in general as well as VA Smalltalk specific. Just give us a call or mail us.