VA Smalltalk Forum 2010: Lukas Renggli on Seaside

At this year’s VA Smalltalk Forum Europe in Stuttgart (Germany) on June 8th, we’ll have Lukas Renggli talking about Seaside:

Seaside does many things differently from what is considered best practice in Web development. This talk will summarize new patterns of Web development and demonstrate why they are beneficial to build highly interactive Web applications quickly, reusably and maintainably. Moreover the presentation will cover the unique integration of Seaside with popular Javascript frameworks, such as jQuery and jQueryUI.

Lukas is one of the core developers of the well-known and respected web application framework Seaside, so there’s probably no better source of information than this one. Lukas will be available for questions, comments, discussion and maybe even some hacking on Seaside.

I know Julian Fitzell is planning to come as well, so you’ll very likely have the chance to meet two of the core Seaside developers…

If you want to come and join us for our free event in Stuttgart, visit our registration page for more details and register.

I hope to see you soon in Stuttgart!