VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010: Georg Heeg on the State of Smalltalk

We’ll be holding our third european event for users and friends of VA Smalltalk on June 8th in Stuttgart, Germany.

Georg Heeg, Executive Director of the Smalltalk Industry Council and owner of the well-known Smalltalk consultancy Georg Heeg e.K., will be giving a talk on the State of Smalltalk and its value for the software Industry.

From the abstract:

The primary objective of STIC as a multi-vendor association is to promote the joint goals: “To create and increase awareness of Smalltalk” and “To promote Smalltalk as the superior technology for the construction of information systems.” Georg will provide his view on why Smalltalk is the superior technology and how this can benefit the industry.

Georg’s talks are always entertaining and insightful as well as inspiring. Most of the times he’s talking about interesting projects done in Smalltalk, which you’d never have expected to be implemented in this language.

You see, not coming to Stuttgart in June means missing a lot. If you want to register for this free event, visit our registration page.