Why Smalltalk may make a developer’s life even easier than Ruby

Over on his Blog “Coding For hire” , Sergio Ruiz gives us some insights on why he switched from Ruby on Rails to Seaside. Some bullet points:

A real debugger – in reality, most development time is spent editing code, and debugging. Debugging web apps has always been a tough thing. With seaside, it’s really a matter of going to a debugger on a crash, and inspecting the objects

Image based development – I had to kick all my knowledge (lack of, really) about software development aside, and embrace the idea of image based development. It took me a little while, as I have never done this, now that I get the idea, I would love to stay in this world.

Refactoring – in reality, I hardly ever refactor my code. I see “lots” of places where it would be a good idea to refactor, but it always seems like such a pain. The other problem is that while you are in the middle of a big refactoring effort, the phone will inevitably ring. By the time you get back to what you are doing, you are hopelessly lost. The refactoring browser makes it quick, simple (and fun?) to refactor. I find my code is alot easier to manage these days.

Visit his blog to read the full post named Why I have migrated from Ruby on Rails to Seaside.

So once you’ve accepted that a static type system will not make your programs any better by avoiding “all those” type errors, why not come over to Smalltalk land and use the real thing ?