GSOC 2010 and Smalltalk: The final 5 projects are set

Mariano just announced on the ESUG Mailing list that the following five projects have been voted as candidates for this year’s summer of code:

the final results of voting for 5 projects to get this year GSoC stipendiums:

1. Cross-Platform Namespaces                           (score: 80)
by Germán Leiva, mentor James Foster

2. Generate UML diagrams from Smalltalk code for Pharo (score: 77)
by Carla Florencia Griggio, mentor Geert Claes

3. Squeakland education project                        (score: 76)
by Ricardo Moran, mentor Randall Caton

4. Progress Towards a Cross-Dialect Smalltalk FFI      (score: 74)
by Dmitry Matveev, mentor Eliot Miranda

5. Visualization of profiling information in Pharo and Squeak (score:73)
by Mariano Coca, mentor Alexandre Bergel

I’m happy to see two of my favorites here: No.1 and No. 4. They’ll both have the potential to remove some of the heavy obstacles in the cross-dialect arena, and once finished will make the life of many Smalltalkers a lot easier.

Let the coding begin!