2010: The year of Smalltalk Events

This year seems to be the year of Smalltalk events:

  • First, there was a series of Cincom Smalltalk-Mini-conferences in several cities in North America an Europe
  • Next will be our VA Smalltalk Forum Europe 2010 in Stuttgart on June 8
  • In July there will be some kind of “Reborn Smalltalk Solutions” in Portland, Oregon, but there’s nothing I could link to right now [Update: this event is cancelled, see comment by Martin McClure – Unfortunately, he doesn’t tell us why it was cancelled]
  • September we’ll have the European Smalltalk Users Group Event (ESUG 2010) in Barcelona
  • Later this year the Smalltalks 2010 conference will be held in Argentina

So, who said there’s no Smalltalk community any more? Seems the Smalltalk virus strikes back 😉


One thought on “2010: The year of Smalltalk Events

  1. Alas, SmalltalkCon, the planned July conference in Portland, which I was to chair, has been cancelled for this year. I’m hoping for a conference in 2011, however.

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