More on the Seaside Cancel-Button front

I didn’t realize until just now, but over on the Seaside-dev mailing they discussed whether the situation I described in my last post about Cancel Buttons in Seaside is a bug or not.

Lukas tried adding a WACancelButton (I guess he used Pharo) and took a look at what happens:

That’s not what WACallbackFunctionalTest is showing. After evaluating the callback block a render notification is thrown and no other callback is evaluated.

That’s exactly not what happens in VA Smalltalk 8.0.1 (I still didn’t find the time to check 8.0.2 B136). If you add a Cancel Button with no Callback or even with a Callback that deos not send

#handleAnswer: false

, all the value Callbacks get evaluated just as if the Cancel Button was a normal submitButton. It’s easy to find out: add a cancel button to a component and a breakpoint into one of the setters of your value callbacks and see what happens.

But maybe that’s a Bug that has been removed in Seaside after the release of Alpha 5, and I’m talking about really old stuff. This would mean that the Cancel Button works well in newer versions of VAST, like in Build 136 or the soon-to-be-realeased 8.0.2…