ESUG accepted for Google Summer Of Code

The European Smalltalk User’s Group (ESUG) has been accepted as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer Of Code (GSoC) program.

What does that mean?

It means that Google will sponsor students to work on projects proposed by ESUG and mentored by Smalltalk experts. By sponsoring, they mean real $$$ for a student working on an open source project, as well as a little financial “thank you” for the mentor. This is an excellent way to gain knowledge in Smalltalk by building something for the Smalltalk community with the help of a mentor. Most of the time, the mentor will be a person who started some project or is part of one but doesn’t have enough time to really work as hard on it as he/she would like. So the mentor will be very engaged and skilled.

This is good news both for the students and for the Smalltalk community. Chances are that if someone started on a project, he’ll continue working on it after the GSoC is over.

So if you are a student and would like to work in Smalltalk and know how to spend a few additional bucks, why not apply for one of the proposed projects of ESUG and have fun Smalltalking?

There are even more benefits:

  • You may get to know your future employer 😉
  • Having worked on a GSoC project is surely not too bad for your CV
  • You will learn a lot about object technology that you wouldn’t learn in a typical Java day job
  • You’ll have the chance to become known and respected in the Smalltalk community

And again, I’m happy we’re an ESUG sponsor. This would not be possible without some hard work for applying for GSoC and without mentoring volunteers. ESUG helped make that happen. And of course, many individuals who did the hard work…