Why Supporting ESUG is important

Stef just sent a message to several mailing lists in order to raise funds and/or find helping hands for the European Smalltalk Users Group (ESUG).
Since my company (objektfabrik) is also a sponsor of ESUG, and we greatly appreciate the work they do, especially in organizing the annual ESUG Conference, I put a link here and ask all interested parties to think about going to this year’s ESUG conference in sunny Barcelona or help in making the Smalltalk community an even better, brighter place with many sucessful projects.

If you plan to teach Smalltalk at a school, university or other educative institution and need support like teaching material, books or financial help, don’t hesitate to contact ESUG: they’ve got a budget for this.

Just to give an impression on things ESUG achieved over the years, here’s a taste of Stef’s mail:

Squeak VM support
Squeak VM on iPhone – John McIntosh Mike Rueger
Clean of the Squeak mac VM – John McIntosh

Morphic 30 project – Juan Vuletich
iPhone Dev – Esteban Lorenzano
DrGeoII Scripting Syntax extension – Hilaire Fernandes
Glamour – Tudor Girba
Book sponsoring
Dynamic Web Development in Seaside by Ducasse etal. (2009)
Squeak by Example by Black et al. (2008)
A Mentoring Course on Smalltalk by Valloud et al. (2008)
Fundamentals of Smalltalk Programming Technique by Valloud et al. (2008)
Computer Programming using GNU Smalltalk. by C. Gökel (2009)

Free sent books in 2002
•Universities that received the books:
–Germany: Darmstadt, Munich, Berlin
–Argentina: La Plata, Buenos Aires (3), Cordoba
–Belgium: Brussels
–France: Caen, Montpellier-II, Paris 8, Brest
–Spain: Vigo, Castellon
–Switzerland: St. Gallen
–Algeria: Chlef, Blida
–Argentina: Buenos Aires,
–Brasil: San Pablo
–Russia: Tver
–India: Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh
–Chile: Santiago
–Italy: Cagliari, Benevento
–Czech Republic: Brno, Praha
–Servia: Novi Sad
–France: Douai
–United Kingdom: Portsmouth, Plymouth
–Belgium: Bruxelles
–Germany: Elmshorn
–China: Wuhan Hubei
–United States: Santa Barbara
•Universities that received the books + course
–Roumania: Timisoara, Cluj Napoca, Targovista

The list oes on…