Seaside-Book is now available in Print

If you (like me) sometimes prefer to hold a book in your hands and put it besides your keyboard, this is probably good news for you:

A print-on-demand, softcover copy of the book “Dynamic Web Development with Seaside” is now available from Lulu.

At a reasonable price point, it is the most complete introduction to Seaside available:

The book costs around €28/£24/$40 and will be delivered within 3-5 working days

This is once again a proof of our ESUG sponsorship being useful, since ESUG is among the list of sponsors:

The authors wish to thank the European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG),, Cincom Smalltalk, Gemstone Smalltalk,  and Instantiations for generously sponsoring this book.

This is the first time that a tutorial on Seaside will include specifics for VA Smalltalk, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover specifics like Flow-less programming in a non-Continuations environment. So there’s still some area for adventure for the VA Smalltalker’s out there (well, this sentence has only be added to this post in order to advertise our brand new Seaside-Training which focusses on VA Specifics if you need that bit of info in your team. But the course is not VA specific.).

It seems the authors chose not to buy an ISBN for the book, so it will probably not end up at amazon and friends…