How to learn more about Smalltalk

Are you thinking about using Smalltalk for a project in the near future?
Wondering if it’s the right technology for you?
Have you heard of and/or are fascinated by Seaside?

Want to learn more?

Then Cincom’s european Smalltalk Technology Conference Series is surely a good event to attend. They’re only half a day and free of charge! Both events take place next week in Paris and London.

From the invitation:

Reduce Costs: Spend less time and money on application development, thanks to Smalltalk’s object-oriented environment.
Improve Efficiency: Smalltalk lets you reuse objects instead of starting from scratch every time.
Get to Market Faster: With Smalltalk’s full-tilt application development, you deploy apps faster and start earning revenue more rapidly.
You’ll also be able to interact with Smalltalk gurus Georg Heeg, James Robertson, Arden Thomas and Andreas Hiltner, who will outline specific ways in which Smalltalk products can help you outmaneuver your competition.